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Did you know that a study in the medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology found that around one-third of women of African descent  experience hairline damage due to high tension hair styles and chemical burns?

We know how stressful it can be to experience hair loss and we are here to journey with you to restoring it. There are different causing for hair loss ; genetics ( balding in men or women ), hormones ( high stress or pregnancy) and traction alopecia (damage due to pulling ) or damage from chemicals burns. It is very important to identify the root cause of your hair loss so that it can be embraced in the case of genetics( medical procedures can at times be applied) or resolved in the case of preventable stress or damage.

The MabuTribe hair line re-grow strategy is holistic. It’s really focused on dealing with traction alopecia ( where hair follicles are damaged due to too much pulling). It is important to also consult a dermatologist to also figure out the extent of damage in your hair follicles and understand if you need medical assistance too. The strategy to growing back your hair line is to Patiently begin a hair routine that will:

  1. Stop all tensions and high friction damaging our hair.
    • Don’t do tight hairstyles like braids. Ask stylist to leave out portion of your hairline unplatted to avoid strain.
    • Avoid using tough materials on hairline that cause friction and break fragile hairs trying to grow out i.e. use a satin or silk headwrap/doek instead of cotton
    • When you wear head wraps avoid tightening on your hairline rather put more lower on your forehead or behind your hairline.
  2. Stimulate the hair follicles (where the roots of hair grow from)
    • Our full range works to assist with this as we incorporate great essential oils but more specifically the Oil Splendor would be what you use ( massage your hair line in circular motions twice a day and once a week after washing or in steam massage then wear shower cap to allow heat to help oils sink in.
    • Clean scalp is critical to ensuring that your scalp is able to receive the nourishment of the oils and products so once a week use the sulfate free Nourshing cleanser shampoo.
  3. Support the fragile new hairs with moisture and strength as they start to grow out
    • Deep condition with the Conditioning Touch after you wash with the Nourishing Cleanser shampoo once a week. This is a treatment for the new fragile hairs .
    • Apply The Hydrating mist to the scalp of your hair to ensure scalp and new growing hairs are well moisturised and don’t break from dryness

So in essence regrowing your healthy hairline back is a healthy hair care routine… With consistency your hairline will grow back in time and all this is determined by the level of damage. Don’t forget to check with your dermatologist to understand the extent of damage too.

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